Nicholas C. Howie - Licensed in MA & NH
family law attorneyMy Family Law practice focuses on representing clients in matters relating to traditional divorces, issues arising out of unmarried partner relationships, as well as same-sex marriage complexities. We handle issues involving alimony, child support, custody, modifications, restraining orders, paternity disputes, interstate support, interstate custody, parenting plans, and more.
This office is equipped to not only handle your divorce needs, but the resulting estate planning issues that arise from divorce proceedings. Many divorce attorneys have to refer their clients to other attorneys to handle estate planning issues. By having one law office handle everything, you will save a lot of time and expense in legal fees.
Divorce & Estate Planning in Massachusetts:and New Hampshire.
Many individuals lose sight of estate planning issues that can arise during and after a divorce. This is especially easy to do when a divorce has been less than amicable and you just want to put everything behind you and start over again. However, these issues can be extremely detrimental if left unattended. Most couples estate plans dictate that all of their property goes to the other spouse and that each of them is named as the legal representative of the other in the case of death, disability, or inability to make health care decisions. These serious issues should be dealt with at the same time of the divorce, or very soon after, to avoid future problems.